Prototyping eLearning Ideas

More often than not eLearning designs are harder to describe than to do. Prototyping lets us strip down the crazy ideas to usable and applicable chunks. It’s easier to share with anybody on the team and let the real work start. So what are the ABCs of prototyping? Continue Reading →


Motivation at Work

You are on your way to designing a new eCourse, or you’re about to implement a new LMS and start reaping the rewards with all the fancy-shmancy features and tools, but there is something missing in the recipe. There is an important consideration that somehow rarely gets a bigger vote when creating eLearning. Still, it could mean the difference between a job-well-done and a John-gets-none. Yes, I’m talking about what motivates us at the workplace. About how impactful the eLearning would be. Continue Reading →


When MOOCs Meet Design

Commuting to work one morning I started wondering what lies at the bottom of my love/hate relationship with MOOCs. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe they are this lovely new kids on the block, or even a David to the-educational-system-of-today Goliath if you wish. A breath of fresh air. A Robespierre of sorts even. Respect and kudos for that. It’s about time. But every dive I do into a course squirting with excitement and tingling with the jolly jitters of a 6 year-old going to school for the first time, I get this lump in my throat. And it’s nothing to do with upcoming testing or anything. Something just picky ticks me off, suffocating my excitement to a point I start attending only because I invested that much time so far anyway and it would be a shame to quit now. I know it might seem grim to you, but you see as biased as I am as a designer, you must admit that something is rotten in the state of Denmark. And it’s in the room. The room for improvement. Continue Reading →


A New Beginning

Since the beginning of time a door has always been a door. It is the symbol of transition, of change, of a new beginning. Here and now I’d like to open a door for all you passionate about eLearning. I’d like to invite you to our humble home for a chat. As my host duty demands I’ll try to keep you entertained, but most of all I hope that we can be helpful to each other. To communicate ideas, to expand our vision, to empower our dreams and ease our chores. Continue Reading →


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